Many people have unfinished basements that have been simply serving as cold, damp storage rooms for years. They’re missing out on potential living space that could make a huge impact on the utility and value of their home. Maybe you’ve considered converting a basement into usable living space for a guest bedroom, home office, or hobby room, but the cost and effort have seemed unmanageable.

We’re here to help. Converting a basement into a beautiful, livable space can make a cramped house seem far larger—it’s a great option to create more space for expanding families, and it improves the overall value of your house. Whatever you need in order to live more comfortably, you can create the space you need with a basement conversion. Home gyms, game rooms, or even a separate living suite with its own kitchen and bathroom—we’ve done it all and we can do it for you. We understand what it takes to turn a basement space into a great, well-lit and well-ventilated space that will add value and enjoyment to your home for years to come.

With Sraymax-London, you’ll benefit from years of experience with all kinds of remodels. We’ll be able to determine whether you need planning permission and do all the necessary inspections to ensure that everything is stable. We can handle electrical and plumbing work, so nothing is off-limits. Our experts will work directly with you during the entire process to make sure that construction plans meet your vision and that you’ll be satisfied with the final results. Turn your basement into the living space you’ve always wanted—get in touch today to learn more.

Areas we cover in London: Notting Hill, South Kensington, Fulham

So you are ready to go, ready to start your dream conversion however you have a few things on the back of the mind. You ask yourself if you need planning permission or if you need to tackle any other background work.

The answer is not always believe it or not. You do not necessarily need planning permission for your basement creation/conversion but you may need to make an agreement for the control of your building or party wall.

Sraymax-Lonon is ready to take on your basement creation/conversion projects no matter how big or small. With their expertise in the field , skilled workers and strong work ethics you will see that your basement conversation taken on in the best of hands with the highest results. They will make sure quality is assured and the cost is affordable, so you can go on to enjoy your basement whatever you decide to turn it into.

Should you require any information or a free loft conversion quotation contact our London Office and we will be more than happy to provide one at a time which will accommodate you.