SRAYMAX Ltd is here to help you with any refurbishment project, big or small. Refurbishing a building is often a better, more economical choice than full demolition and rebuilding, especially when you hire skilled professionals with years of experience doing this kind of construction work.

We’re located in the heart of London, and we’ve been working on both residential and commercial properties in the area for years. Whether you want to refurbish your home or bring an office building back to life, we’re the right choice for the job. We use state-of-the-art technology to modernize our construction practices, saving time and money and ensuring high-quality results on every project. We have many satisfied clients who have refurbished their properties with great success.

Why choose refurbishment over demolishing and rebuilding?

There are several benefits to hiring a company who is skilled at refurbishing buildings rather than choosing to demolish a building and start with new construction.

Refurbishment is More Affordable

Demolishing and rebuilding a home or office building can be quite expensive. In addition to the new construction costs, you’ll also have to pay for the demolition and removal of the old materials, and then the creation of new architectural drawings. You’ll need a new foundation and concrete work as well.

Refurbishment works with what’s already there to update everything that is old and unsafe, while maintaining anything that can be salvaged, significantly reducing overall costs. It’s a good choice for buildings that are structurally sound but need a full refresh.

Increased Overall Value

The right improvements to your home or other building can significantly increase the overall property value. If you’re renovating a property to sell, a refurbishment can focus your investment into the areas that will give you the best returns. We can provide you with information about what upgrades tend to provide the best returns and help you maximize your investment by focusing on the right areas, while saving money in others, all while ensuring that the entire project meets your standards and ours.

Faster Project Completion

A refurbishment takes significantly less time than a demolition and rebuild. When time is a factor, it’s definitely the better choice. SRAYMAX understands exactly how to address the necessary areas of a refurbishment quickly and efficiently to provide fast service while maintaining a high quality of work. Many people worry about running into unforeseen problems during a renovation and believe that starting from scratch is better, but with a highly experienced, professional team, any problems with a building can be found and a plan can quickly be made to address them. If problems do arise during a project, we are ready to adapt and find the best solutions fast, making every effort to meet deadlines and budget requirements. You’ll get the same high-quality work you’d expect with new construction.

Keep What you Love and Fix What You Don’t

A refurbishment allows you to tailor the upgrades to your home to keep as much as you’d like intact while still making all the changes you’re dreaming of. You can make the most of your budget by putting more money into the areas of your home that you spend the most time in or need the most work, while saving money on areas that just need some new finishes or can even remain mostly untouched. It’s the fastest and most affordable way to dramatically upgrade your home, getting you back to living your life, now with all the amenities you’ve always wanted.

We always work closely with our clients throughout the planning and construction process to ensure that we know just what you want and you know exactly what we’re doing. Our primary goal is always to ensure your satisfaction.

You can rely on us as we boast of very experienced personnel in the industry who adhere strictly to best industry practise. Most of all, our ultimate goal is the overall satisfaction of our clients.

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