London Loft Conversions

Expanding and converting a loft can be one of the best ways to make more space in a small home. Before you start making plans to move because you need more space, consider converting your loft in order to create extra usable space for a bedroom or office, or even just some more convenient storage. Big houses come with big price tags, so if you’re living in London and don’t want to go through the entire ordeal of selling your current home and buying a new one just becausee you need more space, a loft conversion may be just the solution you’re looking for.

There’s often a lot of space that can be utilized in a loft—it just needs to be designed and converted so that it’s accessible and usable. We have the expertise to assess a loft space and determine how it can best be converted into liveable space. It requires some know-how and creativity, so if you’re at all interested in architecture, you may find the process quite interesting as well as useful. These conversions vary greatly based on the design of the house and the loft space. There are typiclly four types of loft conversions, and when you talk to us about this possiblity we’ll determine which one would be best for your home.

  • Velux loft conversion – Velux is a brand that has been producing skylights for over 60 years. With this kind of loft conversion, a skylight is installed flush with the roof, so any changes to the exterior of the house are minimal. Most of the work is done inside the loft space. This kind of loft conversion requires a space that already has enough headroom, so while it’s the easiest and most efficient, it’s not suitable for all types of lofts. We’ll be able to determine if this type of conversion will work for your home.
  • Dormer loft conversion – A Dormer extension is the partition that comes out at right angle partway down the roof, creating more space in the loft. It will add height and extra space to a loft area. They’re typically done at the back of a house that has a narrow roof. A Dormer loft conversion will create a flat ceiling, which is not the case with a skylight installation.
  • Mansard roof conversion – With this kind of loft conversion, one side of the roof is expanded outward to create extra space in the loft. It can create a lot of extra room, but unlike a Dormer, it does not create vertical walls and horizontal ceilings—there will still be some different angles in the new space.
  • Full roof conversion – Finally, it’s even possible to change the whole roof in order to create loft space. It’s possible to change a hip roof to a gable roof, creating some extra livable space without changing the ground area of your home. This is a major structural change to a house.

No matter what kind of roof and loft space you currently have, we can discuss the possiblities for a loft conversion with you. Our top priority is working with our clients to get the results they want at affordable prices. Get in touch today to learn more.