Fire Safety & Sprinkler Systems

Nothing is more important than safety, and Sraymax is able to provide fire protection systems to clients across London and the UK. We work with highly qualified technicians to install the best fire safety systems quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for an automatic fire sprinkler system for your office building or apartment building, we are the right company for the job. All our fire protection systems meet the UK Fire Regulations and the CDM 2015 Regulations.

We can install a wide variety of fire safety systems:

Portable Fire Extinguisher, Inert Gas Fire Suppression System, Smoke Management System, Wet Chemical System, AFFF Foam Pourer System, Co2 Extinguishing System, External Hydrant System, Pre-Action Sprinkler System, Pressurized Hydrant System, Deluge System, Down Comer System, Wet Riser System, Dry Riser System, Foam Water Sprinkler System, Wet Pipe Sprinkler System, Water Spray Sprinkler System, Dry Pipe Sprinkler System, Conventional Fire Alarm System, UV/IR Fire Detection System, Addressable Fire Alarm System, Firemen Intercom System, Fire Hose Reel System, Automatic Sprinkler System, Public Address System. External Fire Exits, Fire Doors, Handles and Ceilings.

We will work with each client to determine which systems are best for their building. We design plans and do custom installations to suit your needs and preferences. We’ll do all the necessary testing and maintenance to ensure everyone’s safety.

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