Perspicacity of the listed building

At SRAYMAX, we pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of all the regulations and rules pertaining to listed buildings. We understand the details of Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings and are well-acquainted with the complex regulations for Listed Building Consent. We use lime as the binding agent in our traditional-style renders, mortars, and plasters. It’s critical for maintaining and repairing natural masonry and very old buildings. We’re also familiar with the types of load bearing and non-load bearing walls that are often found in old buildings.

The configuration of a house’s internal walls is linked to its overall plan. Over time, old buildings have often been expanded in different ways, and so it’s critical to study a building closely in order to determine what existing construction materials have been used and the thickness of various materials. The true original plan of a building can be determined by a close evaluation of how walls have changed and identifying the load bearing, structural walls as well as other vital interior elements such as timber framing and infill, timber boarding, brickwork partitions, lath & plaster.

If you’re undertaking renovations on a historic structure, it’s vital to understand the importance of a thorough evaluation according to the Listed Building Consent rules and regulations for Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings.

We make every effort to keep all renovations and improvements in conformity with Listed Building Consent. We take great care when installing windows, especially uPVC or stained finished windows. Other areas of concern include removing internal doors, altering staircases, repointing brickwork, installing roof windows, adding or removing internal walls, and exterior painting. These modifications often are not permitted and necessitate Listed Building Consent to be reinstated.

At SRAYMAX, we specialize in renovations that are intended to restore the original features of historic buildings. We can bring back the qualities of an old building that has been renovated and had features covered up over the years. We can handle jobs of all sizes, and often do minor renovations along with the big jobs in order to keep buildings looking their best, both inside and out.

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