Party Wall Surveyors

Before beginning a construction project, it’s important to evaluate party walls in order to verify that the condition of the walls and ceiling between the building owner and adjoining owners’ properties are stable and secure. We work with party wall surveyors who are able to determine whether it is possible to proceed with construction, based on the 1996 Party Wall Act.

It’s against the law to alter a Grade 1 or Grade 2 listed building without the necessary approval from a party wall surveyor. Any action that can alter a building’s structure, such as digging beneath the foundation level, removing or erecting a party wall, or even making small adjustments like painting or adding gate posts, must be evaluated for listed buildings. Conservation area is also an important consideration and requires a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations that apply to each area in London.

The 1996 Party Wall Act was established in order to provide guidelines for avoiding disputes regarding party walls, and settling them when they do arise. When work is done on a party wall without the appropriate review and approval, it can affect the property sale. The parties on each side of the party wall have the right to appoint a surveyor to determine whether the work that will be done will cause any problems. You can also have everyone sign the Notice of Party Wall Act Section 6 before work commences.

When you contact us, please request a PDF of the Three Meters / Six Meters Notice of Party Wall Act Section 6. We will also be happy to provide you with any other information that you may need.

All adjoining neighbours must be contacted and everyone must sign this document. This bypasses the requirement of having a party wall surveyor, although we still recommend one for safety purposes if there are any concerns about stability or the work being done is significant.

We also recommend taking as many photographs as possible of the party wall area, from both sides. We provide all our clients with free surveys to assist them in this process.

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